June 26th 2020

Hi all,

The FA have recently unveiled new guidance with regards grassroots football and the recommencement of limited activities. This guidance can be read via the following links below. We urge all to read and be fully abreast of the current situation.

You will note when reading the guidance that this is not age specific, nor does it contain great detail regarding some of the more complex aspects of running a club.

As you know, we at Riverside Utd JFC are especially keen to ensure that we do not put anyone’s health in unnecessary danger by prematurely returning to football activities. As such we have completed a full risk assessment and have detailed below our findings and suggestions for a return to limited football activities. These changes are only seen as temporary measures, as normality resumes we will of course inform you.

LOCATION, TIMES, PROXIMITY – Wreake Valley offer a huge variety of pitches, surfaces, spaces to train on however, currently the vast majority of our teams train on a Saturday morning at the same time. This is clearly a 'pinch point' and as such we will not be returning to this format. In order to control our activities, we will be asking our teams to only train once per week on a Saturday initially.

ACADEMY – The Academy is a very important part of the Riverside Utd JFC family. At this very young age the children are learning the game and having fun however, we have serious question marks on the ability of these children to fully understand the situation, and more importantly adhere to socially distancing measures as a result. As such we do not sanction the return of footballing activities for the Academy at this time.

U8's - U13's - Prior to the pandemic we operated a rota basis for 4G facilities on a Saturday, 4 teams made use of the surface. The remaining teams were dispersed across grass pitches.


  • We will be asking only 2 teams to use the 4G facilities at once, the remainder will be dispersed across the grass pitches.

  • With the exception of the 2 teams using the 4G in conjunction, all other teams will be asked to arrive at fixed, short intervals promptly and proceed directly to the playing area. A rota will be provided to all coaches weekly and you will be notified of times and locations of the session prior to your arrival. Our aim is to keep as close to standard training times and locations as possible.

  • Sessions should be one hour and finish promptly to ensure the area is vacated in a similar manner in which we arrived.

  • The club will provide disinfectant for equipment (to be held in the lock-up) and sanitizer for members. Disinfectant should be used at the end of each session and all equipment stored in our lockup, sanitizer should be used as required.

  • We require a parent/guardian to be present for the duration of the session, watching from a safe distance. In the event of injury, only they should assist (see guidance for details).

  • Water bottles, training tops and other personal equipment should be kept separate to others belongings and named

  • We appreciate that this represents a great opportunity to 'catch-up' with other members/friends however, for everyone's safety we ask that you arrive and leave in a prompt manner.

  • Coaching guidance as per the link should be adopted without deviance.

  • To commence Saturday July 4th.

DODO’S VETERANS - This session is basically a friendly match once per week, as such, we will not be sanctioning the restart of this session at this time.

Each team (with the exceptions listed above) will be given the opportunity to return but we must stress; we are only able to function as a club because of the continued dedication of our volunteers. Our volunteer managers and coaches will only offer this option in the event they themselves feel comfortable to do so and can adhere to the guidelines provided by the FA safely. Whatever they decide, we will of course fully support their decision, as should you.

With this in mind, your coaches will begin to make contact with you over the coming week regarding their decisions and subsequently the specifics of their potential return.

We must add that should you be in anyway uneasy regarding your child’s return to the club, please do not re-engage with the club until you feel more comfortable to do so. Your child's attendance will be deemed as consent to partake by the club. Those that should still be isolating for health reasons, should continue to do so.

In the event your team makes the collective decision to return to limited footballing activities, we will ask our treasurer to recommence subs collections for the team as a collective at 50% standard fees. We are required to operate this universal approach to collections due to the fixed overheads we incur and additional financial pressures we would experience without it. I am sure you will all appreciate that we are a community club ran solely by volunteers, through the funds we raise and without profit. Many other grassroots clubs have been forced to fold as a result of poor management of this pandemic's effects. We will of course inform you when the situation regarding subs collections is due to change again.


On this note I would like to say a huge thank you to all for the dedication and support (and financial support) you have shown our club during this period, we could not have continued without it.

Lastly, in the event these guidelines are not adhered to, we will take the decision to cease all activities until we can return in the 'normal' capacity.

We are happy to take questions regarding this statement via the website ‘get involved’.

RUJFC Commitee

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