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We have had many requests over the years to be able to sign on remotely. We are pleased to say we can now offer this service. Please rest assured your data is held securely, password protected and can only accessed by our Chairman, Treasurer, Secretary and Child Welfare officer and for official use only. At the end of each season all data is securely disposed of and new data will be taken.

Please take your time and enter all fields where applicable, only register once and wait for the 'thank you' message.

Once the 'thank you' message has been displayed, you will be sent a 'Go Cardless' link (usually within 48 hours) to your registered email address, which you must complete, in order to allow us to collect your signing on and monthly subscription fees.

If you have an problems please contact us via this link, we will be in touch.

Kids Football Team Syston
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Thanks for signing on, your application will be processed soon!

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